Frequently Asked Questions:

 Is The Trove Locally Owned?

Yes the Trove is locally owned and operated.


What Does The Trove Mean? 

The modern day use of Trove comes from the 19th century treasure trove. When we began conceptualizing our store we over and over realized the magical and valuable collection of work we intended to carry was just that, a treasure trove. Our mascot the magpie is famously known for gathering and collecting shiny trinkets and we found it fitting for that to be an emblem of our brand. 


Is The Trove a Chain Store?

No, The Trove is a one of a kind rotating culmination of artists' work. The Trove works diligently to center local Louisiana artists, designers, and creators  in all our booth spaces and offer an opportunity for artists from around the world to showcase their work at our center tables. 


What Types of Products Do You Carry?

Our assortment of items range from mens accessories, traditional canvas paintings, prints, photographs, boutique clothing, candles, bath and body products, books, confectionaries, jewelry, plants and so much more. We receive inventory on average 3 times a week and tailor a great deal of items to the ever changing holiday season. 


Do You Ship?

Yes, we ship via UPS and USPS. Feel free to call and speak to our team or stop in-store and we can provide you with any and all details on the items we are able to ship to you. All shipping costs are added once the item has been securely packaged, measured and weighed. Please note not every item is available for shipping.


Do You Deliver?

We only deliver our large furniture pieces, tables & chairs. All furniture items will be delivered inside your home by the craftsman delivery team, where they will carefully unpack and inspect each item, place it in your room of choice, and provide any necessary assembly. 


Is The Store Pet Friendly? 

Yes, each building is equipped with a water bowl and treats for our furry friends.


Do You Gift Wrap? 

Gift wrapping any purchase in our branded gift packaging is our pleasure.