Collection: Painted Petal

An artist by trade from Natchez, now living in Lake Providence, LA. with her Husband, Colt. Colt and Catherine are parents to two precious girls and one of the cutest little boys. After studying art at the University of Louisiana at Monroe for a short while she ultimately ended up with a degree in accounting after a last minute pivot in her higher education. The life of a farmer's wife and mother of three is not for the faint of heart. In 2017 when Catherine opened The Painted Petal, she never in her wildest dreams would have thought it would be what it is today. It has become an outlet of her creativity and style over the years. Priding herself on knowing everything she brings to you, she loves as well. Working in mixed media the majority of time, her works depict organic movement and are ultimately inspired by nature and her Louisiana and Mississippi surroundings. Carefree, with a twist of modern and traditional flair, the painted petal inspires and sparks the whimsy that is in all of us.

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