Collection: Emily Caldwell

Incorporating torn and cut pieces of paper on top of a loose painting, then adding pencil, pen or marker lines on the paper helps me translate my vision of something inspired by my outdoor wanderings in the north Louisiana woods or in places far away. While I enjoy collages, I use a range of mediums.  My work ranges from 4”x 4” to 4’x12’.  What I’m going for as an artist is to really pay attention.  Pay attention to my natural surroundings, as well as everything in life.  I hope my artwork encourages others to pay attention. Much of my recent work is inspired by native plants and animals.  I’ve challenged myself to only make art about wildlife I’ve actually observed in my yard. And while I didn’t see a black bear in my yard, someone else did so I figure that counts. I had a solo show at Masur Museum, in Monroe, La., and have participated in shows at Levee Gallery, Union Parish Museum, Schepis Museum in Columbia, Louisiana, Palace Gallery in Monroe and many shows in the Upstairs Gallery and the Big Room Gallery in Monroe. Some of my favorite work has included illustrations for some of Kelby Ouchley’s books.

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