Collection: Eric Shi

As an artist, my work is a reflection of my journey—a fusion of my Chinese heritage, American upbringing and over 40 countries and cultures visited. Through expressive lines and bold colors, I delve into portraiture, landscapes, and more, exploring the intricate relationship between artist and subject. Inspired by my diverse experiences and fueled by my passion for travel and exploring, I aim to evolve my artistic style continually. My recent immersion in Artist in Residence programs across Latvia, the USA, Iceland, Macedonia, and Finland has been transformative, resulting in well over 100 artworks produced, including paintings, sculptures, and printmaking. Engaging with communities through exhibitions, lectures, and live sessions, my art seeks to connect, inspire, and evolve. This artistic odyssey, which began in 2019, has blossomed into a profound and relentless exploration of self-expression and cultural narrative.

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