Collection: Todd Pavlisko

“Budman, Untitled”, Vintage Budman Sticker, Acrylic, Retail Tag Fasteners on Canvas Board, 2023 – NYC Artist Todd Pavlisko, famous for his retail tag works of art, has embarked on a joyful journey through time and nostalgia, reviving the vintage Budman stickers generously donated by Marcella Beverage of Monroe, LA. These stickers, adorned with the charismatic and playful Budman character, served as an iconic symbol for a beer company for many years, representing a carefree and exuberant spirit. For him, as an artist, these whimsical creations held a unique significance during his formative years. Pavlisko vividly recalls his childhood, where the artist would playfully adorn various surfaces with oversized Budman stickers, often adding text bubbles emanating from it’s mouth – an innocent form of youthful graffiti. Those carefree days, filled with creativity and boundless imagination, left an indelible mark on his artistic sensibilities. In the artist’s current artistic venture, he’s taken these vintage Budman stickers and reimagined them on canvas, enveloping them in a world of vibrant and expressive color. By divorcing them from their traditional context and relocating them into the realm of fine art, he aims to underscore the transformative power of pop culture icons when they intersect with the conceptual world of art. Each piece becomes a dynamic fusion of nostalgia and contemporary artistry, creating a captivating interplay between the beloved Budman character and the abstract gestures of fine art. These artworks invite viewers to rekindle their own youthful, playful spirit and to appreciate the enduring impact of a pop culture icon through the lens of contemporary art.

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