Collection: Usher Fine Art

In 1993, Bill graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Sculpture. Since then my career has spanned 7 years at The Woodchuck wood carving workshop in Ruston, 14 years in custom lighting design at Hart Associates in Ruston and 10 years creating ornamental ironwork at Old South Lighting & Ironworks in Baton Rouge. These professions have given me a broad range of knowledge in materials and techniques which I draw on to execute my creations. My sculptures are an exploration of organic abstraction; drawing inspiration from nature. The similarities found between living things such as plants, sea life, the human form and animals provide the basis for my work. After many years in industrial design, I have reignited my personal creative passion for art. In 2019, I decided to pursue my talents in sculpture using the knowledge I have gained through my work experience. I have always been intrigued by combining various materials into a cohesive unit and it is apparent in much of my work. I enjoy working with legacy materials like wood, brass, steel, marble and other types of stone as well as newer media such as acrylic, epoxy, and LEDs.

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